Accept cryptocurrency payments worldwide with our merchant friendly 0.5% MDR
Grow your online business with a near-instant, seamless crypto payment checkout flow and incredibly low fees.
Accept in-store cryptocurrency payments with our merchant friendly 0.5% MDR
Cut down on payment fees, maximise your business profits, maximise your acceptance rates, and tap into the exponentially growing, 2 trillion dollar cryptocurrency economy.


World's Fastest Crypto Payment System

BNBPay is your cryptocurrency payment processing solution for your e-commerce & brick and mortar merchants.

Our BNBPay products

BNBPay Ecommerce Checkout Plugins

(Q4 2021)

Supported ecommerce platforms:

BNBPay POS Terminal / Payment Terminal

(Q4 2021)

Why use BNBPay?

The BNBPay payment system offers several key benefits with the power of cryptocurrency:
  • Lower transaction fees of 0.5%
  • Near-instant processing & settlements in under 10 seconds
  • 100% elimination of chargebacks and fraudulent transactions
  • We have no downtime compared to traditional payment processors who can go down for days

BNBPay allows customers to conduct payments seamlessly, securely and affordably. Due to BNBPay’s state-of-the-art rewards system, customers are incentivized to pay with $BPAY everytime they shop to earn rewards. 


BNBPay transactions are especially beneficial for international shopping. Traditionally, international shopping has been expensive for both merchants and buyers. However, with BNBPay, you can make this hindrance a thing of the past as you tap into a new market with limitless possibilities.

What BNBPay can do for you?

Near Instant Settlement

Accept cryptocurrency payments all over the world and almost instantly

Merchant Protection

Be worry-free when it comes to chargebacks and fraudulent transactions

Untapped Market Reach

Tap into an untapped 2 trillion dollar and growing cryptocurrency economy

Pay Less Fees

Get our merchant friendly fees that are at least 50% cheaper than the average traditional payment system

Easy Integration

Access excellent support with easy to install plugins for Ecommerce and POS systems for brick and mortar merchants

How to get Started

Contact our BNBPAY merchant onboarding team to find out how today!



Not convinced? Have a look at all our merchant partnerships who have started accepting cryptocurrency with BNBPay.

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